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Certicom's Asset Management System

A Comprehensive System to Lower Inventory and Supply Chain Costs for Chip Manufacturers

Certicom’s new Asset Management System is a comprehensive infrastructure solution designed to help semiconductor companies manage, secure and control manufacturing processes in a global, outsourced manufacturing environment. Some of these processes include timely, secure and reliable capture and reporting of multi-point yield data, virtual SKUing, secure key injection and anti-counterfeit protection.

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Certicom Advanced Metering Infrastructure for the Utility Industry and Smart Energy Home Area Networks

Asset Protection Solutions for Demand-Response and Energy Management Systems

The utility industry is on the move to modernize its meter reading and data collection system with advanced metering infrastructure. Driven by strong environmental, political and economic factors, and encouraged by legislative policies to conserve resources, utilities are launching demand response and dynamic pricing programs designed to reduce or shift energy consumption to non-peak periods. Behind this is new technology, two-way communication between the meter and meter data management system, which allows utilities to remotely manage their metering assets and, with permission, to reach inside the consumer’s home through wireless sensor networks to display pricing information, collect hourly or more frequent usage information, and potentially to manage home appliances. Certicom offers a portfolio of solutions designed to meet the stringent security requirements required for this ecosystem.

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