movianCrypt Automatically Locks and Encrypts All Data Stored on Palm Handhelds, Protecting Palm Users if their Device is Lost or Stolen 

HAYWARD, Calif., June 11, 2001 - Certicom (NASDAQ: CERT; TSE: CIC), a leading provider of mobile e-business security, today announced the launch of movianCryptTM, the industry's most powerful and efficient transparent data encryptor for Palm handhelds. movianCrypt automatically safeguards personal or corporate data on Palm handheld computers with transparent, industrial strength encryption, protecting Palm users if their device is lost or stolen. With the launch of movianCrypt, Certicom further expands its movian product line and its position as a provider of high-powered security solutions directly to Fortune 1000 companies.

movianCrypt is an end-user application that provides a user-friendly method for maintaining encrypted data on Palm OS™ handheld devices. It works seamlessly in the background using the latest, strongest encryption standard (128-bit AES) in order to secure the data of all record-based applications. movianCrypt is compatible with all Palm devices running Palm OS 3.0 and above (including OS 4.0), as well as the Handspring Visor Series running Palm OS 3.1 and above. In addition, movianCrypt complements Certicom's movianVPN product, a wireless VPN solution that connects mobile workers with corporate data.

"With movianCrypt, Certicom is delivering the next product in our movian family of handheld security applications for the enterprise. This product targets the 10 million plus Palm OS-based devices in the marketplace," said Rick Dalmazzi, president and CEO of Certicom. "Given the critical need for robust, 'user friendly' security on mobile devices and the compelling features of movianCrypt, we anticipate a positive response from users, executives and the corporate IT community."

The use of handheld devices by mobile professionals is increasing dramatically. Most devices do not provide adequate security for information stored on the device, leaving data vulnerable to attack. Some applications only require a password. This front door is easily bypassed and the sensitive data on the Palm can be compromised by a hacker if the device is lost or stolen. In many cases an owner must remember to turn the device off in a certain way or do something special to protect their data. movianCrypt ensures automatic encryption of all data while maintaining a fast, user-friendly experience.

"Mobile business without robust security is a recipe for disaster," says James Kobielus, an analyst with The Burton Group. "Mobile clients are acutely vulnerable to loss and theft. Enterprises that issue PDAs and other handhelds to their personnel should explore the possibility of encrypting data that is stored on the devices. Certicom's movianCrypt technology addresses this growing need in today's increasingly mobile business world."

"The use of PDA devices by mobile professionals is increasing dramatically and companies are demanding stronger security solutions, especially solutions to protect the enterprise from lost or stolen devices," said Bob Lonadier, director of security strategies at Hurwitz Group. "Simple and proven security technologies like movianCrypt can go along way towards easing concerns over unsecured mobile data."

Extending Enterprise Security
As the corporate workforce goes mobile, Certicom's movianCrypt unleashes the potential for large-scale corporate use of popular handheld devices by safeguarding sensitive data from loss or theft. movianCrypt extends the existing Palm OS security features by inserting a layer of strong encryption beneath the Palm API layer, making it transparent to end users for a seamless experience.

"As companies adapt their line of business applications for mobility, security becomes a primary concern," said Gordon Clyne, security products manager for Palm, Inc. "Certicom's movianCrypt combined with the Palm OS platform provides an excellent solution for mobile professionals that want to secure critical corporate data and applications against loss or theft of device. This is a an excellent addition to the ever widening choice of security related products for the Palm OS Platform."

Features and Benefits

  • Transparent User Experience: movianCrypt instantly decrypts data as you access it, meaning you will no longer have to wait for all the data on the device to decrypt in order to retrieve a phone number or an email. movianCrypt takes advantage of idle CPU time to re-encrypt data on the fly, so when you're finished using the device it will shut down and lock quickly.
  • Strong Security: movianCrypt uses AES with 128-bit key encryption to encrypt individual records in all user databases on the device. This includes the Address Book, Memo Pad, and third-party application databases, as well as the application preferences and clipboard contents. In addition, movianCrypt provides an option to disable encryption on a per-application basis.
  • Optimizes Performance: movianCrypt is designed for optimum performance on the 68K processor leveraging Certicom's expertise in encryption technologies for small, constrained devices. Utilizing idle CPU time to re-encrypt data, the impact to the device is minimal.
  • Easy to Use: features a simple GUI and installation process.
  • The password is not stored on the device. Therefore it cannot be HotSynced to the desktof with the data, safeguarding it from attack.

Also, HotSync and beaming is protected by password authentication. Automatic lockout on power-off or after a determined period of time, ensures further security.

movianCrypt has benefited from extensive beta testing by many large companies including Aegon, Ford, Palm, UC Davis and the US government.

"In the field of mental health, privacy and confidentiality are of significant concern. When the UC Davis Department of Psychiatry Palm Pilot Project was launched in July of 2000, the primary mechanism of security involved authentication software because at that time, encryption for the Palm had not matured. The majority of solutions were unwieldy and interfered with flow of care," said John Luo, M.D. Dr. Luo is the director for Psychiatric Informatics at the University of California Davis Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry. "The movianCrypt product is the solution that our group has been waiting for because it provides seamless encryption and authentication measures in a small memory footprint. Not all physician users are technology savvy, and a product which integrates well with existing applications in a manner requiring limited user action is key to successful implementation."

Pricing and Availability
movianCrypt is available for purchase of individual seats starting at $39.95 per seat. Site licenses will start at 10 seats and higher and are available on a subscription basis. The subscription enables use of the software, access to support and the right to all product updates throughout the year. Future versions of movianCrypt will support devices running on the WinCE platform, with others to follow based on demand. For more information on site licenses, send email to inquiries@moviansecurity.com or call Certicom at (510) 780-5100.

About movian™
Certicom's movian product line was introduced in February 2001, to meet the needs of today's wireless and mobile enterprise. movian products incorporate Certicom's encryption, security protocols, and device expertise for securing confidential and sensitive information stored on or transmitted from handheld devices. movianVPN is the first product in the line which provides the essential security for remote access from handheld devices to the corporate Intranet. All movian products are developed to be interoperable with industry standards, devices, operating systems and infrastructures.

About Certicom
Certicom is a leading provider of information security software and services, specializing in solutions for mobile e-business. The company's products and services are specifically designed to address the challenges imposed by a wireless data environment. Certicom's solutions incorporate its efficient encryption technology and are based on industry standards for information security that utilize public key cryptography. Certicom's products are currently licensed to more than 150 customers including ePocrates, Inc., Motorola, Inc., NeoPoint, Inc., Nortel Networks, Openwave Systems, Palm, Inc., Pixo, Inc., QUALCOMM, Inc., Research In Motion Ltd. and Sony International (Europe) GmbH. Certicom's headquarters and worldwide sales and marketing operations are based in the Silicon Valley in Hayward. For more information, visit Certicom's Web site at http://www.certicom.com.

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