Certicom Technology Enables Protection of Both Copyrighted and Enterprise Content Stored on Iomega Portable Devices

HAYWARD, Calif., February 12, 2002 - Certicom (Nasdaq: CERT; TSE: CIC), a leading provider of mobile e-business security, today announced that Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM), a global leader in reliable portable data storage, has licensed Certicom technology to provide enhanced security solutions for Iomega's popular Peerless™ disk drive system. Certicom's proven Security Builder® toolkit creates a flexible security layer for enabling digital rights management and enterprise security into this new class of Iomega high capacity removable data storage. This security layer is stored within each Peerless data storage cartridge in a SmartCard class secure memory device (SMD) with cryptographic authentication. 

The versatile Peerless™ drive establishes a new capacity (20GB) and performance benchmark for removable storage devices in consumer and business applications. Iomega envisions third-party e-security partners will utilize this embedded technology to enable secure communications between future Iomega secure drives and popular third-party DRM (Digital Rights Management) applications like Adobe, InterTrust, and Microsoft. This technology enables DRM-protected content to be downloaded securely and locked to the disk itself. Iomega will also use Certicom's professional services for continued consulting on the design and review of secure drive solutions. 

In order to provide flexible security for the enterprise and uniquely address the "dedicated insider threat" inherent in such organizations, an enterprise removable data storage security solution needs to check the validity of the portable media to ensure that it is "trusted" to handle content properly and that it does not violate enterprise based usage and encryption rules. Certicom's powerful technology enables the architecture of such as solution. Certicom will also protect Peerless™ disk users against man-in-the-middle attacks by providing reciprocal authentication among the media, the drive and third-party DRM or enterprise applications. Once content is secured to the disk, Iomega users can use the disk on multiple compatible portable devices. The solution is designed to provide a removable drive-based security building block for robust protection of both copyrighted content like music/video files, and confidential enterprise content. 

Certicom's Security Builder is a standards-based cryptography toolkit that provides application developers with the sophisticated tools and flexibility needed to integrate encryption, digital signatures, and other security mechanisms into their applications. 

"We're confident that our collaboration with Certicom will encourage the e-security community to examine the security capabilities that Iomega high-performance removable data storage products can deliver," said Tim Dammon, director and product general manager, Iomega Corporation. "We believe this type of solution adds significant value to the overall solution package being offered to security minded government and enterprise organizations. This relationship is a milestone in terms of enabling an advanced removable data security solution that integrates both hardware and software security methods with re-writeable removable data storage." 

"Iomega's Peerless technology is a great solution that enables both professional customers and consumers alike to store the manifestations of their digital lifestyles easily," said Prakash Panjwani, senior vice president of business development for Certicom. "Innovative companies like Iomega continue to turn to Certicom as a 'one-stop shop' for trusted security solutions that enable them to deliver services that are content-protected in a manner transparent to their customers." 

In addition to the solutions developed for Iomega, Certicom has also developed solutions for conditional access and content protection for Honeywell and XM Satellite Radio, and has licensed software to enable development of digital rights management to innovative application developers and service providers including: Digital Island, AvantGo, Slam Dunk Networks, Digital Owl, Globetrotter and HotLocker. 

About Certicom
Certicom is a leading provider of information security software and services, specializing in solutions for mobile e-business. The company's products and services are specifically designed to address the challenges imposed by a wireless data environment. Certicom's solutions incorporate its efficient encryption technology and are based on industry standards for information security that utilize public key cryptography. Certicom's products are currently licensed to more than 200 customers including Cisco Systems, Inc., Handspring Inc., Motorola, Inc., Nortel Networks, Openwave Systems, Inc., Palm, Inc., QUALCOMM, Inc., Research In Motion Ltd., Sony International (Europe) GmbH and Verizon Communications Inc. Certicom's headquarters and worldwide sales and marketing operations are based in the Silicon Valley in Hayward. For more information, visit Certicom's Web site at http://www.certicom.com

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Iomega Corporation is a global leader in reliable portable data storage. Iomega's award-winning storage products include the popular Zip® 100MB and 250MB drives, the high-performance Peerless™ drive system with 10GB and 20GB disks, and external CD-RW drives. Iomega QuikSync™ automatic backup software and HotBurn™ CD-recording software simplify data protection and sharing at home and in the workplace. For networks, Iomega markets DataSafe™ mid-range NAS servers. Iomega products help people capture, share, protect and secure their digital valuables. The Company can be reached at 1-888-4-IOMEGA (888-446-6342), or on the Web at http://www.iomega.com

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