Higher volume certificate orders propel continuous growth of ZigBee Smart Energy 1.x

Mississauga, ON – May 14, 2012 - Certicom Corp., the global leader in smart energy security technologies, today announced that it has shipped over twenty-six million ZigBee Smart Energy device certificates to more than 70 companies worldwide since the ZigBee Smart Energy Profile was established in May 2008.

"The adoption of the ZigBee Smart Energy 1.x is going strong, with a growing number of in-home display and other non-metering companies beginning to place higher volume certificate orders," said Jim Alfred, Director of Product Management at Certicom Corp.

Certicom's device authentication service provides a root of trust for ZigBee Smart Energy devices and ships ZigBee Smart Energy certificates to manufacturers whose products are certified by the ZigBee Alliance.  Their ZigBee solutions confidently manage and ensure security while helping to facilitate interoperability of ZigBee Smart Energy devices.

Certicom shipped nearly twelve million certificates in the past year alone, skyrocketing from one million certificates issued during the first year of operations to an average of one million certificates per month.


Visit Certicom online at www.certicom.com to learn more about ZigBee Smart Energy device certificates and how to access to Certicom security technology.

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