Board Support Package for Optimized and Hardware-Based Security

Improved Performance and Stronger Security

Through tight integration with optimized hardware security, Security Builder BSP allows you take advantage of more efficient cryptographic operations, reduced power consumption and stronger protection that hardware-embedded security delivers. In combination with the Security Builder Application Programming Interface (API), cryptographic and key management requests are routed to available hardware, and to software for the remaining functions not provided by the chipset. This enables code sharing, minimizes code footprint and allows transparent access to hardware resources for improved performance.

Portability for Faster Time-to-Market

Security Builder BSP provides you with more flexibility in your design and development decisions. Available for multiple hardware cryptographic providers and trusted platform modules, Security Builder BSP makes it easy to change processors without affecting time to market. Write your application once for your products: minimal code changes for security are needed if you change the underlying hardware.

Lower Costs of Development

By shielding the details of underlying security resources with a common API, Security Builder BSP eliminates the integration of multiple toolkits and minimizes the need for expensive cryptography development and hardware expertise. If changes are made to the chipset, you can leverage the same embedded security architecture and re-use existing code.

Part of a Comprehensive Architecture

Security Builder BSP is a crucial component of theĀ Certicom Security Architectureā„¢, a modular set of software cryptographic providers, security services and board support packages which expose cryptographic functionality and key management available in hardware. Security Builder BSP facilitates access by high level services, protocols and applications to both key management and security embedded in hardware for strong, cost-effective security.