Digital content is now distributed to a plethora of end-user devices, including mobile handsets, set-top boxes, PCs, and car information systems. All of these are built on different architectures with complex hardware and software combinations. This contributes to a complex digital content ecosystem. And without Digital Rights Management (DRM) this ecosystem is vulnerable to security threats.

New media channels represent new markets: but to capitalize on them, service providers must first establish business-friendly controls over the digital rights to content. Conditional access is essential.

With robust DRM software you can:

  • Secure the software: including the DRM Agent and applications that consume digital content
  • Secure the silicon: cryptographic keys and sensitive information must be securely stored and accessed. As well, secure media co-processor designs can be used to deliver performance and security benefits.
  • Secure device manufacture: invoke anti-cloning measures and prevent misuse of keying material at manufacture.

Trust Begins at the Platform

Working together, the Certicom Security Architecture™ and Certicom Trusted Infrastructure™ allow for the creation of a secure, trusted platform on which providers can build and distribute their services. That trust extends all the way from a device’s boot process through to the upper-layer security protocols, achieved through cryptographic hardware validation, code-signing, and integrity measurement and reporting.

DRM software from Certicom provides a comprehensive framework for DRM implementations, and includes the Certicom Security Architecture™ and Certicom KeyInject™ with the following components:

  • A pre-integrated OMA DRM Agent that is extensible to other DRM scheme
  • Embedded Trust Services (ETS) for secure key storage and key management
  • Hardware IP Cores to secure media co-processor designs
  • Board Support Packages (BSPs) to expose hardware cryptographic providers in leading processors
  • Trusted key injection to secure device manufacture