Cross-platform Cryptographic Module

Security Builder® Crypto™ is optimized for small code size and includes a range of current and legacy algorithms that provide proven cryptographic security to constrained environments such as secure devices and applications.

Security Builder® Crypto™* acts as a software cryptographic provider within the Certicom Security Architecture™ – a comprehensive, modular and portable solution designed to allow developers to quickly and cost-effectively embed security across multiple families and generations of devices.

Security Builder® Crypto™ is highly flexible and can work in a wide range of applications and devices, such as:

  • Chip manufacturers who want to optimize cryptographic routines and improve security performance
  • Device manufacturers who want to embed secure cryptographic functionality into a piece of hardware
  • Application developers who want to create a cryptographic module that handles all encryption, and decryption, digital signatures, and message authentication codes

Compare the features and benefits of Security Builder® Crypto-C, Security Builder® Crypto-J and Security Builder® Crypto-J2ME.

Security Builder® Crypto was previously known as Security Builder®.

*Security Builder Crypto-C only