Digital Certificate Management Module

Security Builder® PKI™ enables you to add robust, standards-based digital certificates and key management to applications and devices, ensuring trust and non-repudiation. With optimized libraries and a common API across multiple platforms, Security Builder® PKI™ enables you to get to market quickly using proven public key infrastructure security.

Security Builder® PKI™* provides protocols to the Certicom Security Architecture™ – a comprehensive, modular and portable solution designed to allow developers to quickly and cost-effectively embed security into applications and across multiple families and generations of devices.

Security Builder® PKI™ is ideal for a variety of infrastructure projects:

  • DOCSIS cable modems and CMTS devices that must support BPI+ security
  • Enabling digital signatures within an application

Security Builder® PKI™ was previously marketed as Trustpoint Client and Trustpoint Java.

*Security Builder PKI-C only