“When dealing with monetary transactions, security is always a necessity. In fact, our customers demand it as part of our products. We wouldn’t think of launching without it.”


There is no doubt that financial institutions require the highest security in order to protect valuable customer data and transaction history. While open-source alternatives are attractive from a cost perspective, application developers assume a lot of risk and the wrong choice for a security solution can increase overall time-to-market.


A proven solution from a respected security company such as Certicom provides strong performance and scalability, compliance to standards, and a solid support organization that can provide education and technical assistance for the long-term.

Certicom developer toolkits such as Security Builder® SSL™ or Security Builder® Crypto™ include standards-based algorithms that can provide the strong security demanded by financial institutions and their customers, and eliminate the risk of a relatively untested solution. Eighty percent smaller than open source alternatives, Security Builder® SSL™ enables efficient, secure SSL/TLS access to the application, regardless of the type of device accessing the data.

Additionally, one API across 30 platforms makes the developer toolkits easy to implement and reduces time-to-market.


Choosing a proven vendor such as Certicom ensures that an application developer can meet his/her needs for security through options like SSL/TLS security, while meeting his/her deadline for a new product and limiting exposure to risk.

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