Your products need security solutions that can be quickly integrated into the devices to enable the secure, anytime, anywhere connectivity demanded by your customers, without negatively impacting your time-to-market or development cost.

Proven, standards-based cryptographic functions and protocols, however, are processor intensive.

With over 15 years experience developing security for constrained devices, Certicom understands that anything that affects performance and usability is a serious problem for your customers.

Our integrated Security Builder developer toolkits run on the most popular embedded platforms, and is constantly optimized for size and performance, while still offering the strongest security available. If saving time is what you are after, ourmovian security applicationscan be quickly embedded into a PDA or smartphone based on Windows Mobile, Palm or Symbian OS to extend their overall security.

Use Certicom technology to:

Manufacturers such as Motorola,Texas Instruments, Psion Teklogix and Terayon are already using Certicom technology to meet their security requirements.

If you would like more information on how you can use Certicom technology, contact us today.