Featured Case Studies

XM Radio Success Story

Using a blend of Certicom Developer Toolkits and custom development, Certicom has built on award-winning work with customers such as XM Satellite Radio to demonstrate the skills, tools and products to address customer requirements for conditional access systems, policy enforcement, encryption, and key management.

Check 21 Solutions from Certicom

The Certicom Security Architecture for Check 21 is a comprehensive solution that allowed check application and transport vendors to quickly and cost-effectively add digital signature functionality per ANSI X9.37 security standards.  These digital signatures brought strong security to the digital image exchange process.  Should a signed image be compromised (e.g., have its own value or the name of the payor or payee altered), the signature will not be verifiable, and the check will not be cleared.

A more complete discussion of Check 21 can be found in Code and Cipher Volume 1, No. 3.

Certicom Security for RFID Authentication

Commercial industries and government agencies face a number of issues – theft, grey market competition, brand integrity, liability, inventory control, supply chain inefficiencies, privacy concerns, and government mandates – that can be solved with Certicom's RFID solution that guarantees product authenticity and keeps unauthorized individuals from viewing product information.