Security Builder® PKI™ Benefits PDF Print

Digital certificate management module

Small and Fast

With a footprint as small as 100 KB, Security Builder PKI is ideal for constrained device platforms. The option to link only the features you need enhances the compact design.


Security Builder PKI can be integrated on a wide range of devices and platforms, from handheld devices to desktops and servers and supports a range of cryptographic providers. Security Builder PKI can be used with Security Builder® GSE™, A FIPS 140-2 Validated cryptographic module, to meet government requirements.


As a standards-based solution, Security Builder PKI adheres to a wide range of industry standards including, ANSI, CableLabs BPI+, IETF PKIX, ISO, PKCS, and FIPS, allowing your product to interoperate with other public key infrastructure-enabled applications and all major Certification Authorities. Quickly add support for protocols such as S/MIME v3 or EDIINT (AS1/AS2) to your applications.

Increased ROI

The same API across all standard platforms means Security Builder PKI drops into your application easily to cut development costs and time-to-market with no porting required. Used within the context of the Certicom Security Architecture*, this API provides a single, common interface between the protocols and cryptographic providers, further simplifying your public key infrastructure development cycle.

*Security Builder PKI-C only