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From mobile handsets to set-top boxes, today’s smart devices have at least one thing in common: the need for security.

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That security must be far-reaching, encompassing everything from data stored on the devices themselves through to the processes by which they are provisioned and managed via network connections and software downloads.

To ensure optimum performance, device security is ideally embedded. This places a significant burden on device manufacturers who are already under pressure to:

  • maintain their average selling price and encourage continual device replacement;
  • cut costs and accelerate development; and
  • fend off or catch up to competition through innovation and differentiation.

Security for Mobile Devices

Embedding security to create a trusted platform helps differentiate offerings while providing the necessary protection. That’s where Certicom comes in. The Certicom Security Architecture™ provides a comprehensive, portable and modular security solution that allows you to quickly and cost-effectively implement a trusted platform so all applications can take advantage of strong, built-in security.

And the Certicom trusted infrastructure provides the capabilities device makers need to ensure that built-in security remains solidly intact over the course of a product’s lifetime, enabling crucial ongoing functions such as code signing and key injection.