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Do you want assistance with assessment and planning, architecture and design or implementation of your security project?

Would you prefer to have security experts to manage your project?

Do you need cryptographic system expertise?

We can work with you throughout your project life-cycle to ensure all your security requirements are met.

If you prefer to speak with someone immediately, feel free to use the contact information below:

Call: 1-800.561.6100
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Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Consulting

As the world’s leading experts in ECC research and implementation, Certicom is uniquely positioned to provide consulting and guidance for any company interested in implementing ECC technology. This assistance may take the form of education, applicability assessment, implementation optimization based on constraints such as key storage space, performance windows, and memory footprint.


Let us evaluate the overall security requirements of your business project initiatives, products or applications and then work with you to develop optimized security solutions.

Planning, architecture and design

We can identify and define necessary security policies, standards, and procedures, as well as the security architecture and design specifications that best fit your requirements.


Which products provide the best solution to meet your security requirements? We can help you evaluate your requirements and select the most appropriate products. If you don’t have the expertise or available resources in-house to integrate security into your system or device, we can do that as well.


By providing qualified managerial and technical security resources, we help you reduce the cost, effort and risk of deploying and maintaining your security solutions.

Cryptographic system and product security consulting

We can review your current cryptography and product design, develop appropriate security architectures and security protocols, and assist in the implementation of these products and applications.