Founded in 1985, the same year Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) was invented, Certicom was acquired by BlackBerry in 2009. Now part of the BlackBerry Technology Solutions (BTS) business unit, BlackBerry Certicom has industry leading expertise in Elliptic Curve Cryptography and has established the world’s largest ECC-based patent portfolio.

BlackBerry Certicom's expertise has earned it many firsts, such as the first commercial VPN client for pioneering mobile devices from PalmPilot™, Motorola® and BlackBerry®, and the first secure secret key provisioning system for fab-less silicon manufacturing. This key provisioning system has been deployed in hundreds of millions of smartphone chips. In addition, BlackBerry Certicom developed the first smart meter key management and encryption platform, which secures tens of millions of smart meters throughout North America.  

BlackBerry Certicom specializes in key management and managed PKI solutions, and operates the ZigBee Smart Energy™ Certification Authority that has secured over 120 million ZigBee Smart Energy devices since 2007.

BlackBerry Certicom has also developed secure key management solutions for automotive gateways and a V2X Security Credential Management System (SCMS) service for vehicle-to-anything communication based on its ECC technology innovations.

Our latest “first” is the launch of a quantum resistant Code Signing and Key Management Server, which can be used to protect our customers’ device firmware, applications, and long-lived assets—such as devices in critical infrastructure, industrial control systems, aerospace and military electronics, telecommunications, transportation infrastructure and connected cars—from the increasing cybersecurity risks posed by advances in quantum computing.  

As a leader in applied cryptography and key management, BlackBerry Certicom provides managed PKI, key management and provisioning technology that helps customers protect the integrity of their silicon chips and devices from the point of manufacturing through the device life cycle. Used to prevent product counterfeiting, re-manufacturing, and rogue network access, BlackBerry Certicom’s secure key provisioning, code signing and identity management solutions are field-proven to protect next-generation connected cars, critical infrastructure and IoT deployments.