Managed Certificate Service

Managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Service

The Managed PKI Service is a solution deployed in a secure BlackBerry infrastructure. All sensitive material is protected using Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). The infrastructure is fully redundant to ensure uninterrupted service, with automated data backup and disaster recovery facilities.

ZigBee Device Authentication Service

The need to authenticate devices accessing networked services is on the rise as businesses strive to prevent unauthorized devices from gaining access to restricted services. Device authentication can reduce both service piracy and cloning of customer-premise equipment.

Asset Management System (AMS)

Certicom’s new Asset Management System is a comprehensive infrastructure solution designed to help semiconductor companies manage, secure and control manufacturing processes in a global, outsourced manufacturing environment. Some of these processes include timely, secure and reliable capture and reporting of multi-point yield data, virtual SKUing, secure key injection and anti-counterfeit protection.

Certicom Security for RFID Product Authentication

Commercial industries and government agencies face a number of issues – theft, grey market competition, brand integrity, liability, inventory control, supply chain inefficiencies, privacy concerns, and government mandates – that can be solved with a RFID solution that guarantees product authenticity and keeps unauthorized individuals from viewing product information.

Cryptography Libraries and Security Protocols

The foundation of the Certicom Security Architecture is the Security Builder® API™. It provides the means by which applications access various cryptographic providers and abstracts away the differences among cryptographic providers without requiring significant code changes. This means that changing providers or chipsets requires only changes in linkage to the application, and not drastic recoding to the application itself.

The API enables the addition of cryptographic support from a variety of Certicom-supported cryptographic providers to an application.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Advanced Metering Infrastructure’s (AMI) openness and two-way communication capabilities add new risks to what has traditionally been an isolated distribution system. As smart energy homes with demand response capabilities and smart grid infrastructure are deployed, hundreds of millions of devices will be connected in one way or another to utility networks and the public Internet. Information about energy consumption will flow out of homes and offices, remote command and control signals will flow in.

Given the two way command and control connectivity to every customer enabled by AMI, the utility must consider NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) requirements when automating their distribution networks. Certicom Advanced Metering Infrastructure solution was designed to meet these stringent security requirements. A highly scalable turnkey security platform, the AMI 7000 Series secures communications between utility meters and utility companies’ back end meter data management infrastructure by providing data encryption and integrity validation of individual metering data as well as strong authentication of metering commands.

Certicom Professional Services

Implementing security can be complex. Things to consider when designing a security system include not just the technology required, but also the effect it will have on security policies, business processes, a company's assets and even the people who use it.

Done improperly, you could expose your company and your customers to a high degree of risk.

If you have a small window of opportunity, Certicom can help you get to market more quickly by providing additional expert security assistance.

Whether you are interested in a specific offering or just want us to provide consultation or analysis on requirements and high-level designs, we can help you clarify and solve your tough security challenges.

Our professionals have developed successful security solutions for numerous customers in a wide range of industries, including broadcasting, consumer and industrial device manufacturingfinancial services, government and healthcare.

Customers use Certicom Professional Services because they want security done right the first time. Re-implementing a security model is expensive and may have serious consequences on time-critical events such as new product launches.