Implementing security can be complex. Things to consider when designing a security system include not just the technology required, but also the effect it will have on security policies, business processes, a company's assets and even the people who use it.

Done improperly, you could expose your company and your customers to a high degree of risk.

If you have a small window of opportunity, Certicom can help you get to market more quickly by providing additional expert security assistance.

Whether you are interested in a specific offering or just want us to provide consultation or analysis on requirements and high-level designs, we can help you clarify and solve your tough security challenges.

Our professionals have developed successful security solutions for numerous customers in a wide range of industries, including broadcasting, consumer and industrial device manufacturingfinancial services, government and healthcare.

Customers use Certicom Professional Services because they want security done right the first time. Re-implementing a security model is expensive and may have serious consequences on time-critical events such as new product launches.