Proven Security for the Supply Chain and Anti-Counterfeiting Prevention

Certicom RFID for Product Authentication – a secure anti-counterfeiting system that employs industry standard protocols and IEEE 1363a-2004digital signature techniques– enables product manufacturers to track and authenticate products using passive RFID tags.

Product Authentication Components Include:

Certicom RFID Signing Appliance
A robust metered signing appliance that allows integrators to track and charge clients based on signature usage. Standards based ECPVS provides a strong digital signature and product privacy with sub-second performance. The appliance and accompanying software is easily integrated into existing warehouse management systems (WMS).

Certicom RFID Authentication Agent
A highly configurable software library that can be quickly integrated into Existing inventory and supply chain applications. The agent using ECPVS authenticates products throughout the supply chain and can decrypt embedded messages within the original digital signature.

Certicom Key Management Service
An off-line Certificate Authority (CA) secures Certicom’s key management and application provisioning service. Agents within the fielded readers automatically query the service for updates when they are connected to the internet. Key and software updates are downloaded to the reader using a secure channel.

Customizable Services
An experienced and dynamic professional services team that is capable of quickly integrating product authentication into your existing business processes.