Stay focused on your core business. Whether you're securing software and hardware products, information services, applications, or systems, Certicom Professional Services can specify, design and build a complete solution to meet your particular security requirements.

Certicom provides project-managed solutions that start with a rigorous analysis of your requirements, architecture and design specification creation, implementation, and on-site integration services. From smaller projects such as porting Certicom products to unique platforms, to large 100+ person-month projects, Certicom prides itself in strong project management and an ability to concisely deliver results.

If you don't see an offering that fits your specific requirements, please complete our short contact form and describe your security challenge. We'll help you define the solution that's best for you.

System Integration

It takes true security expertise to ensure that all the components within a network interoperate securely. Building on knowledge developed over 15 years (and counting), Certicom can help you integrate security into an existing network, or create a solid security foundation for a new network

Platform Porting

Are you developing on a platform that is not on the list of the over 30 platforms supported by our toolkits? Certicom Professional Services can take any one of our toolkits and port them to your required platform so you can ensure strong security.

Create a Secure Network Access (VPN) Application for a Constrained Device

Building on our experience developing movianVPN™, Certicom Professional Services can help you round out the functionality within our Security Builder® IPSec™ toolkit and create your own VPN client for a handheld device. Assistance could include: developing a GUI, building a driver or porting the toolkit to an additional platform.

Conditional Access Systems

Are you looking for conditional access system to protect your broadcasting services, web services, media or other content? Do you need embedded or system-wide solutions?

Using a blend of Certicom Developer Toolkits and custom development, Certicom Professional Services can create a conditional access system to suit your needs. Built on our award winning work with customers such as XM Satellite Radio and the Federal Aviation Administration. Certicom has the skills, tools and products to address your requirements for conditional access systems, policy enforcement, encryption, and key management.

Embedded Common Security Services Layer

Does your platform need security? Do want to facilitate rapid and consistent deployment of security on your platform? We can help design, develop and implement a tailored common security services layer that all applications running on your specific platform can access.

Security for Middleware

As a middleware vendor, do you need to deliver end-to-end security for remote users and applications across varied communication technologies and embedded environments? Using standard security technologies (X.509, IPSec), Certicom Professional Services can work with you to craft a solution to ensure extension of enterprise applications onto a mobile device.

Middleware extends enterprise applications to a mobile device. Certicom has helped customers like Telecommunication Systems (formerly Aether) and Synchrologic to ensure their middleware products are secure and interoperable.

Securing a J2ME Environment

Are you looking to secure a Java-based constrained device? Using cryptography, authorization and Certicom Developer Toolkits, Certicom Professional Services can help ensure a comprehensive security foundation where all security functions are built onto a single, shared cryptographic library providing most compact footprint. Enable features such as digital certificate processing, flash storage of secure key and certificate store, and transaction-signing operations.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Are you providing ring-tones, images, Java games, video clips or other types of downloadable content to mobile handsets or devices? DRM will play a key role in enabling the secure delivery of data to both the wired and wireless environments. Certicom Professional can design, develop and implement end-to-end DRM solution for both wired and mobile service providers to ensure control over the delivery and distribution of downloadable content.

Security Assessment

Are you planning to implement wireless or mobile access (e.g. 1XRTT, GPRS, 802.1x) to applications and networks? Do you need to understand what risks exist within your current network? We will provide you with a thorough understanding of the incremental security risks and corresponding security infrastructure requirements. Go from concern to confidence with a plan that can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure.