LOS GATOS, Calif., October 10, 2001 - Network security and flow classification market leader Hifn™ (NASDAQ: HIFN) today announced that it has licensed Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) technology from Certicom Corporation (NASDAQ: CERT; TSE: CIC), a leading provider of mobile e-business security. 

ECC is a public key cryptography technology commonly applied in wireless applications because its small size and high speed are well suited to low-end CPUs and mobile appliances. Hifn's industry leading, high-performance security ICs utilize unique intelligent packet processing technology and efficient encryption acceleration hardware cores for algorithms such as DES (Data Encryption Standard) and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Hifn will include support for ECC encryption in future offerings targeted at wireless applications. 

"We licensed Certicom's ECC technology because it is fast, secure and well proven," says Douglas L. Whiting, Ph.D., Hifn chairman and chief scientist. "Hifn's goal is to deliver to our wireless customers products that match the highest standards of security and performance in the industry." 

Hifn security processors are used by most networking equipment manufacturers to speed-up the encrypted traffic in VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and e-commerce applications. 

"Certicom continues to provide market leaders with the best technology for wireless applications and to have Hifn opt for our technology is yet another great endorsement," says Prakash Panjwani, Certicom's senior vice president, business development. "Hifn leads the market with products that are recognized for their performance and innovation. We believe that their application of ECC continues that fine tradition." 

About Certicom
Certicom is a leading provider of information security software and services, specializing in solutions for mobile e-business. The company's products and services are specifically designed to address the challenges imposed by a wireless data environment. Certicom's solutions incorporate its efficient encryption technology and are based on industry standards for information security that utilize public key cryptography. Certicom's products are currently licensed to more than 200 customers including Cisco Systems, Inc., Handspring Inc., Motorola, Inc., Nortel Networks, Openwave Systems, Inc., Palm, Inc., QUALCOMM, Inc., Research In Motion Ltd., Sony International (Europe) GmbH and Verizon Communications Inc. 

Certicom's headquarters and worldwide sales and marketing operations are based in the Silicon Valley in Hayward. For more information, visit Certicom's Web site at http://www.certicom.com

About Hifn.
Hifn, of Los Gatos, California makes integrated circuits and software for network infrastructure developers. Hifn's integrated data flow technology and unique HIPP architecture enables intelligent secure networks with compression, encryption and application-aware classification. This is central to the growth of the Internet, helping to make electronic mail, web browsing, Internet shopping and multimedia communications better, faster and more secure. Most of the major network equipment manufacturers use Hifn's patented technology to improve packet processing. 

Hifn was founded in 1996 and is traded on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the HIFN symbol. For more information, contact: Hifn, 750 University Avenue, Los Gatos, CA 95032. Phone: 408-399-3500. Fax: 408-399-3501. Web: http://www.hifn.com


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