Certicom to be the Security Provider for Palm™ Tungsten™ handhelds

Mississauga, Ontario – (October 28, 2002) – Certicom Corporation (TSX: CIC), a leading provider of wireless security solutions, today announced that it will provide movian support for the Palm™ Tungsten™ W handheld, part of Palm’s new Tungsten series of mobile professional and enterprise products. Extending a relationship that dates back to 1997, Certicom worked with Palm to jointly develop the latest versions of movianVPN and movianCrypt for these new handhelds. 

The productivity of a mobile workforce relies upon its ability to securely access business applications while away from the office. movianVPN™ from Certicom gives mobile users the ability to secure sensitive information with a high level of security, without compromising the speed and flexibility of wireless devices. The solution is also cost-effective and transparent for simple integration with existing VPN infrastructures. In addition, movianCrypt™ secures the data stored on your Tungsten W handheld so that no one can access your confidential information in the event that it is lost or stolen.

“With carrier activation, the Palm Tungsten W handheld provides today’s mobile workforce with easy, wireless access to real-time email communications, calendars, notes, contacts, and tasks,” said Rebecca Taylor, senior product manager, security, at Palm Solutions Group. “For this functionality to be useful, professionals need to know that their information is secure. Certicom provides that vital security link.” 

The Palm Tungsten W handheld is built for what matters to handheld users. It provides all-in-one connectivity capability for the busy, mobile professional, delivering what matters most for business customers -- messaging, communication and access to company data. It’s the first Palm branded integrated wireless handheld with a built-in keyboard for easy data entry, and a crisp color screen. With carrier activation, the Palm Tungsten W handheld is a data-centric handheld, providing a sophisticated combination of wireless email, instant messaging, phone functionality, business applications and Palm’s classic Personal Information Management (PIM) software. 

“Palm Tungsten handhelds are among the most state-of-the-art handhelds on the market today,” said, Ian McKinnon, President and CEO of Certicom. “Giving the mobile workforce the opportunity to run data-intensive and multimedia applications securely will undoubtedly lead to greater use of these devices. Certicom provides the critical security required for a complete wireless platform that will drive the adoption of wireless data services by the enterprise. ” 

movianVPN from Certicom brings together the convenience of remote access, the mobility of wireless, and the essential security needed for wireless VPNs. This software client provides true end-to-end security from wireless handheld devices to the corporate intranet. movianVPN eases implementation pains by interoperating with popular VPN gateways and supporting the IPSec standard. 

movianCrypt addresses your handheld security concerns by extending the basic security provided by your device. It locks and encrypts all of the data on the device to achieve strong security without impeding performance and usability.
Certicom will be demonstrating its movianVPN and movianCrypt technology at the New York City launch of the Palm Tungsten handhelds on October 28. For availability and pricing please contact Certicom.

About Certicom
Certicom is a leading provider of wireless security solutions, enabling developers, governments and enterprises to add strong security to their devices, networks and applications. Designed for constrained devices, Certicom’s patented technologies are unsurpassed in delivering the strongest cryptography with the smallest impact on performance and usability. Certicom products are currently licensed to more than 300 customers including Texas Instruments, Palm, Research In Motion, Cisco Systems, Oracle and Motorola. Founded in 1985, Certicom is headquartered in Mississauga, ON, Canada, with offices in Ottawa, ON; Herndon, VA; San Mateo, CA; and London, England. Visit www.certicom.com.

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