PatientKeeper Joins List of Leading Healthcare Companies that Use Certicom Solutions for Wide Range of Security Needs Including Wireless and Desktop Security Solutions and HIPAA Compliance Services 

HIMSS, Atlanta, GA., Jan. 29, 2002 - Certicom (Nasdaq: CERT; TSE: CIC), a leading provider of mobile e-business security, today announced that PatientKeeper has licensed Certicom's leading Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) to provide trusted security for its innovative mobile healthcare platform. Utilizing Certicom's ECC, PatientKeeper's Mobilizer™ Platform provides physicians and clinicians with the ability to securely access mobile applications, share patient information, and exchange data with their organization's information systems, all through a single handheld device. 

Certicom offers an array of innovative wired and wireless solutions tailored to meet the specific security requirements of healthcare companies. In addition, Certicom provides services to help companies achieve Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliance. PatientKeeper is part a growing list of healthcare companies using Certicom solutions including Aspect Medical Systems, e-Physician, Genetic Health, Howmedica, iScribe, MEDePass, UC Davis, and others. 

"We are pleased that PatientKeeper, a widely recognized leader and innovator in the healthcare space, is using Certicom's ECC technology for a wide range of their security needs," said Andrew C. Herlands, Director, Vertical Markets. "Certicom's robust offering is providing the Healthcare Industry with trusted wireless and desktop security solutions that help ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, and provide for confidentiality, data integrity, and strong client authentication for access to sensitive medical data and patient records." 

PatientKeeper is the developer of the healthcare industry's landmark mobile platform that aggregates and seamlessly integrates multiple, independently authored applications while embracing, extending, and enhancing backend healthcare information systems. The Mobilizer Platform bridges the chasm between where patient data resides and the point of care. It is the first open mobile platform designed specifically for healthcare, and provides secure encryption during transmission of data between mobile devices and information systems. PatientKeeper's products are currently used by leading hospitals, premier HIS companies, and over 45,000 clinicians. PatientKeeper offers a range of mobile computing solutions including PatientKeeper Personal; ChargeKeeper™, for charge capture; LabKeeper™, for lab results; DxKeeper™, for tracking clinical problems; RxKeeper, for medication profiles; TestKeeper, for radiology/pathology/microbiology reports; NoteKeeper, for clinical notes; VitalsKeeper, for vitals and I/O's; OrderStatusKeeper, for order statuses; and AllergyKeeper, for allergies profiles. 

"By incorporating Certicom's industry-leading Elliptic Curve Cryptography technology into PatientKeeper's Mobilizer Platform, we're providing our developers with a unique solution to one of the healthcare industry's biggest mobile computing concerns," said Stephen S. Hau, PatientKeeper's founder and vice president of Platform Development. "To ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, the applications must provide for confidentiality, data integrity, and strong client authentication for access to sensitive medical data and patient records. Certicom's highly efficient mobile security solutions provide a necessary component of an effective and complete end-to-end mobile computing solution." 

Certicom has become a leader in the mobile healthcare market by providing advanced security solutions that address HIPAA compliance and by spearheading industry initiatives. Certicom is a founding member of the Mobile Healthcare Alliance (MoHCA), a group of leading technology companies and key players in the healthcare industry focused on the acceptance and proliferation of secure mobile and wireless computing solutions for the e-healthcare market. 

Certicom provides HIPAA compliance assessment services to help healthcare organizations comply with HIPAA compliance deadlines. Certicom's HIPAA consulting team has the essential expertise in analysis, design, implementation, deployment, optimization, and post-implementation analysis to help organizations meet these challenges. In addition, Certicom provides the industry with cutting-edge solutions such as digital signatures for secure electronic prescriptions at the point of care. By using Certicom's MobileTrust™ to enable digitally signed prescriptions, companies can provide the healthcare industry with the highest level of authentication for physicians using mobile devices to practice medicine. 

Also part of Certicom's healthcare offering is the award-winning movianVPN™ product which allows healthcare companies to use their existing VPN infrastructures to extend end-to-end security to physicians and healthcare professionals using handheld devices. In addition, movianCrypt™ protects sensitive patient information that is stored on the right on the device. 

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Certicom is a leading provider of information security software and services, specializing in solutions for mobile e-business. The company's products and services are specifically designed to address the challenges imposed by a wireless data environment. Certicom's solutions incorporate its efficient encryption technology and are based on industry standards for information security that utilize public key cryptography. Certicom's products are currently licensed to more than 200 customers including Cisco Systems, Inc., Handspring Inc., Motorola, Inc., Nortel Networks, Openwave Systems, Inc., Palm, Inc., QUALCOMM, Inc., Research In Motion Ltd. and Sony International (Europe) GmbH. Certicom's headquarters and worldwide sales and marketing operations are based in the Silicon Valley in Hayward. For more information, visit Certicom's Web site at

About PatientKeeper, Inc.
PatientKeeper, Inc. utilizes an open, mobile platform to empower healthcare providers to capitalize on the potential of mobile technology to save lives, time, and money. PatientKeeper integrates disparate mobile applications, disparate mobile devices, disparate mobile initiatives, and disparate hospital information systems. PatientKeeper is currently used by leading hospitals, premier HIS companies, and over 45,000 clinicians. PatientKeeper is committed to an open architecture and universal platform for mobile healthcare computing, enabling independently authored applications to be integrated seamlessly on one handheld device. PatientKeeper offers a range of mobile computing solutions including PatientKeeper Personal; ChargeKeeper™, for capturing billing; and LabKeeper™, for reviewing lab results [Add other products]. PatientKeeper's strategic partners include Cerner Corporation (NASDAQ: CERN), IBM (NYSE: IBM), Certicom (NASDAQ: CERT; TSE: CIC) and Symbol Technologies (NYSE: SBL). PatientKeeper, Inc. is a privately held company. To learn more about PatientKeeper, please visit the company's Web site at

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