Volume 1

Issue 1: The Inaugural Issue (html) (pdf)

  • The Next Generation of Cryptography: Public Key Sizes for AES
  • William Tutte, A Tribute
  • New Attack on RSA-based SSL
  • Scott Vanstone on Current Public Key Sizes
  • Crypto News

Issue 2: Key Establishment Methods (html)(pdf)

  • Key Establishment Schemes
  • MQV: Efficient and Authenticated Key Agreement
  • Scott Vanstone on Key Establishment and ECMQV
  • Crypto News

Issue 3: Using EC algorithms in real-world applications (html) (pdf)

  • ECC and Digital Postal Marks
  • ECC and Electronic Check Presentment
  • Scott Vanstone on the future of Public-Key Cryptography
  • Book Review of "Guide to Elliptic Curve Cryptography"

Volume 2

Issue 1: ECC in the standards (html) (pdf)

  • Development of Core ECC Standards by ANSI
  • ECC and the IETF
  • The Growing Importance of ECC in FIPS 140-2
  • Scott Vanstone on the importance of strong security standards
  • Crypto News

Issue 2: The ECC Conference Issue (html) (pdf)

  • Grand Beginnings: An overview of the first annual Certicom ECC Conference
  • A Brief History: The origins of Public-Key Cryptography and ECC
  • The Use of Public-Key Cryptography in BlackBerry
  • Scott Vanstone on the ECC Conference
  • Crypto News

Issue 3: Ciphers and Certificates (html) (pdf)

  • An Introduction to the Uses of ECC-based Certificates
  • Explaining Implicit Certificates
  • Key Distribution and Hybrid Certificates
  • Scott Vanstone on the practical side of public-key authentication
  • Crypto News

Volume 3

Issue 1: 2nd Annual ECC Conference in Review (html(pdf)

  • The Cryptography of Today and Tomorrow
  • Scott Vanstone on the 2nd Annual ECC Conference
  • A Practical Evolution of ECC for Mobile Computing - William O'Brien, Bell Canada
  • Digital Rights Management, the Real Story- David Maher, InterTrust
  • Integrated Hardware Security - Jim Dworkin, Freescale Semiconductor
  • Redefining Identity, Information and Privacy with ECC - Philippe Richard, Avanza Technologies
  • Recent Developments in ECC Standardization - Bill Lattin, Certicom Corp.