Anti-cloning Protection for Conditional Access, DRM and Fabless Semiconductors

As a cost-effective factory provisioning system, Certicom KeyInject™ protects against the growing device cloning threat from third party contract manufacturers. It is a core component of the Certicom Trusted Infrastructure™ and focuses in controlling and reporting on the volume of keyed devices at manufacture time. This helps protect a company's investment from gray market device threats and complements conditional access and DRM systems.

Combined with a hardware-based production control core, Certicom KeyInject™ also offers fabless semiconductor manufacturersan elegant solution to eliminate the risk of valuable silicon IP (intellectual property) showing up on the gray market.

What it Does

Using industry-standard protocols and techniques based on ECC and AES, Certicom KeyInject™ makes it possible to track contract manufacturer production of devices by controlling access to keying information. It then allows producers to monitor the use of this information through automated metering, with results reported back to authorized overseers.