Proven Security for the Supply Chain and Anti-counterfeiting Prevention

Proven Anti-Counterfeiting. Revenue and Brand Protection.
An industry-leading provider of award-winning security solutions, Certicom protects brand integrity and the manufacturer’s revenue stream while protecting customer safety and privacy. This solution provides the security level and flexibility needed to protect today’s supply chain. Beyond our award-winning software, the system employs FIPS-approved Hardware Security Modules (HSM) to protect sensitive keying material from theft or misuse and includes secure log files for tracking all system activity.

Off-Line Product Authentication
Certicom RFID Authentication Agent enables end-points to authenticate products in real-time without needing an on-line database. This cost-effective approach enables you to deploy readers in environments without requiring a full-time network connection. Spot product authentication and tariff inspections can take place in remote locations using handheld readers.

Cost-effective, High-Speed Production
Certicom RFID Signing Appliance automates the process of adding a unique digital signature to each passive RFID tag. Product codes and the RFID tag UID are concatenated in less than a second and then written to the RFID tag -this ensures the legitimacy of the product. This high-speed signing capability lowers the total cost of ownership in high-capacity manufacturing operation and makes item-level anti-counterfeiting feasible.

Ensuring Consumer Privacy
Certicom enables producers of sensitive products to encrypt the identity of the product or other information during manufacturing. After which, only authorized readers with the correct verification key are capable of decrypting the product’s identity.

Robust and Configurable
The system’s flexibility enables quick and cost-effective integration with existing business processes and warehouse management systems. In addition, Certicom RFID for Product Authentication addresses many ongoing anti-counterfeiting, gray market prevention, consumer privacy,and brand protection initiatives.