Complete Security for the Entire Device Lifecycle

Security Builder® MCE™ is part of Certicom Security for Sensor Networks, a suite of products which enable developers of low power sensor devices to build secure, reliable operation into sensor networks from design and development through to manufacturing, deployment and upgrade. Certicom Security for Sensor Networks also includes the Certicom f(2m) ECC IP Core for the acceleration of ECC in low power devices, and Certicom Key Inject which permits device vendors to pre-inject keys into devices to provide a root of trust.

Supports Scalable, Ad Hoc Mesh Networking

Public-key distributes intelligence in the network, and each device has its own unique set of keys, so there is no need for network-key updates as the network changes. This allows for the automatic enrolment of devices to the network providing improved node mobility and flexible topologies that enable mesh networking and ad hoc cluster formation that easily scales to a large number of devices.

Optimized Performance

Optimized for the power, processing and footprint constraints of a microcontroller device, Security Builder® MCE™ delivers strong security without impacting device performance. ECC provides smaller key sizes with higher strength-per-bit than any other public-key cryptosystem, making it the only viable alternative for microcontroller devices. For even stronger performance, Security Builder® MCE™ can be combined with the Certicom f(2m) ECC IP Core.

Higher Value, Higher Margins

Secure devices are used in more-critical, higher value applications and will therefore have a higher average selling price. This will create higher value in the chipsets and software stacks that compose the microcontroller device.