In the fiercely competitive cable modem market, manufacturers seek to gain an edge by providing service providers with added value through DOCSIS-compliant cryptography for cable modems. These products help cable operators to detect and terminate the fraudulent or cloned modems that enable individuals to steal cable Internet service from providers.


Manufacturers can help service providers overcome this challenge by offering a modem product that not only integrates with service providers’ existing infrastructure but also meets the requirements of DOCSIS v1.1 and eventually v2.0, an open standard for broadband networks established by CableLabs, the body regulating the North American cable industry. DOCSIS was created to ensure that cable equipment from different manufacturers could and would interoperate.

Cable manufacturers need to access a DOCSIS-compliant digital cryptographic solution that enables them to install digital certificates in their modems, so the modems can authenticate themselves to the service provider network—preventing modem-clone activity and fraud.

Security Builder® PKI™ from Certicom provides modem manufacturers with a complete digital certificate management toolkit that is DOCSIS-compliant.


By incorporating a security toolkit that offers service providers DOCSIS-compliant authentication capability, the cable modem manufacturer can differentiate its product offering, increase service providers’ perception of the OEM ’s value and meet the DOCSIS technology imperative while focusing on core competencies.